About Us

New ideas are the fuel of progress and the foundation of success.
Dunlap Codding will help you protect your ideas so your business can thrive in any environment.

Dunlap Codding is home to a group of professionals with diverse scientific and legal acumen.  The philosophy of the firm is simple:  to listen and respond to each client’s unique needs with micro-customized services; to provide each client with an exemplary work product; and to help our clients create and protect robust intellectual property portfolios, vigorously pursued and properly grounded in both science and law.

Our experienced, dedicated professionals roll up their shirtsleeves to work in tandem with clients, investing our time and resources to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ technologies and businesses—whatever they may be.  From mechanical arts and life sciences to nanotechnology and optics and virtually every technical and scientific area in between, we’ve helped clients identify and protect their intellectual property.  After all, innovative ideas are your greatest asset.  And your future depends on their protection.  But we don't stop there.  We help our clients brand and protect their reputations--online and in the "real world"--through the use of trademark, copyright and right of publicity activities.  Especially with respect to trademark protection, we counsel our clients to focus early on marks and brands that are lasting, that are memorable, and that clearly define their position within the market.

Founded in 1957 as Oklahoma’s original intellectual property firm, Dunlap Codding remains the region’s largest and most versatile boutique IP firm serving a global and sophisticated client base. In addition to its office in the Film Row District of Oklahoma City, the firm has offices in Austin, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.  Large enough to provide depth and experience in almost any field, Dunlap Codding is small enough to provide personalized, responsive legal representation.  This combination has earned Dunlap Codding a ranking in the top band of intellectual property firms in Oklahoma by Chambers USA:  America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, and its shareholders are ranked among the top practitioners in the state.

We maintain a wealth of experience in the areas of utility and design patents, intellectual property audits, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, Internet and e-commerce, licensing and technology transfer, technical asset evaluation, due diligence inquiries, patent and trademark litigation, and antitrust law.